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Who can see your Credit Report?

Anyone with a "legitimate business need" can gain access to your credit history, including:

  • Those considering granting you credit.

  • Landlords.

  • Insurance companies.

  • Employers and potential employers (but only with your consent).

  • Companies with which you have a credit account for account monitoring purposes.

  • Those considering your application for a government license or benefit if the agency is required to consider your financial status.

  • A state or local child support enforcement agency.

  • Any government agency (limited usually to your name, address, former addresses, current and former employers).

Generally, only an employer or prospective employer needs your written consent to obtain a report. An exception is Vermont where any user needs your oral or written consent. In practice, most potential creditors ask for your permission to review your report. Your permission is not required when inquiries are made in connection with a pre-approved credit offer.

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